My Naughty Nomad Office

My Naughty Nomad Office | Naughty LA

My Naughty Nomad Office

My job lets me work from where ever I am in the world, but that means I need to bring my essentials so I’m always prepared. Even if there’s no internet connection, I can still work from any where until I get some where to can connect to the internet.

I’m either working in a hotel room or by the pool on my iPad, which I’ve turned into a mini laptop with a gold case to match my naughty business. I use to travel with my laptop, but it was too heavy so I decided to downsize to an iPad which is so much easier to fit into my travel bags.

Before I do anything on my iPad or update my websites, social networks or blog…I always write everything down with my gold pen by Kate Spade in my Naughty Travels Notebook, which I had custom made. This is the notebook I take with me when traveling to take notes about what I discover in each city and what my plans are for my work updates. I like having my notebook titled “Travel” on the front so I can easily grab it when I head out on a trip, as it keeps my organized.

My iPhone is a must and something I take with me every where because if I can’t get an internet connection with my iPad, I usually can with my phone. Plus it’s great for photos when I can’t take my camera, especially at night when I don’t want to carry around a bigger camera or I want to be more discreet with my photos.

My favorite camera is my new Fuji! It takes amazing photos but is simply to use for someone who doesn’t have a lot of camera experience. The buttons on the camera aren’t complicated at all and super easy to use. Plus the camera connects to my phone, that way I can easily download my photos to my phone where I can edit and upload to the web right there on the spot.

Another must have are my to white leather covers on the left on side of the bed from The Daily Edited. One is for my iPad with my initials on them and the other one holds my notebook, pen and other work materials I need when traveling. They both fit super easy into my carry-on suitcase.

And every naughty traveler needs a sexy suitcase which is why I choose a red one to match my naughty business by Steamline Luggage. They offer some of the sexiest and cutest luggage out on the market…vintage inspired.

Lastly, my naughty nomad office isn’t complete with my red/gold vibrator from my very own toy line Naughty Toys! It’s a must when traveling as it helps me to relax and focus on discovering naughty things to do around the world.

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