How To Get Curves Naturally

How To Get Curves Naturally | Naughty Guide

How To Get Curves Naturally

You know how it is; slim, willowy women want to be curvy and curvy women want to be slim and willowy. The grass is always greener, right? But here’s the thing. Whatever you aspire to, it takes work. Those with a little extra weight know that they have to make lifestyle changes in order to achieve the slim shape they desire. Similarly, women who crave more curves must realize that curves don’t just appear overnight, you have to work for them. So instead of looking up your nearest plastic surgeon or paying for other procedures like liposuction and butt implants, try exploring all the natural ways you can get the hourglass figure you’re after. What’s more, you’ll also be helping to get rid of cellulite, dimples and dull skin…simply by working out.

I’ve teamed up with my own personal trainer, Shawn, to share some easy, effective tips to help women who want to rediscover their curves. Shawn has helped me totally transform my body, as well as reconfigure my mindset, so that working out is no longer a chore, it’s something which invigorates and inspires me.

Last year, I’ll admit I was struggling a little. I may have been only 38 and had always been in good shape or so I thought – but nature has a way of creeping up on you when you’re not looking and suddenly all my old habits were beginning to blow back on me. Whereas before I could eat fast food, enjoy a drink and barely exercise yet still stay slim, now I was starting to see differences in how my body was reacting to that lifestyle dimples, a little cellulite, more tiredness and lack of energy etc and, despite a year-long fitness and nutrition regime to try and combat what was happening, nothing was working. I hit a slump; together with the dimples and cellulite I was also getting a bit of a belly and my bum had started to sag. Most people probably never noticed, but I did, and we all know that things like self-confidence comes from within. If something matters to you, then it’s important, regardless of what others may or may not think.

I didn’t want to use ‘natural ageing’ as an excuse for letting myself go, so I decided to look for a trainer and nutritionist who could really help me get back to where I needed to be. I came across Shawn last year and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out he was a personal trainer, nutritionist and holistic advisor, all in one! I was wary at first, as not all trainers know what they’re talking about, especially in LA, where everyone seems to be a trainer of some description but, boy, I definitely hit the jackpot with Shawn! I’m not just saying that, either, as I’ve had plenty of trainers in my life and I’ve gotten rid of most of them, but with Shawn it was clear straight away that he was the real deal. The clock was ticking, after all, so I didn’t have any time to waste!

Almost a year later and my body now has plenty more curves, exactly where I want them. Some people think that adding curves adds weight, but it doesn’t. It’s all about fat loss and weight distribution. Working with Shawn I have lost 10 lbs of fat which has been replaced with muscle, and I’ve lost 2 inches around my waist plus 3 inches around my belly. I’m also much stronger and have tons more energy, which was one of the most important things for me.

So now I’m going to share with you the tips Shawn has given me to help other women with small frames attain those beautiful, sexy curves you’ve always craved.

How To Get Curves Naturally | Naughty Guide

Tip #1 Limit Your Cardio

The number one thing women tend to do when signing up to a gym or starting a new workout program is to pound those cardio machines, banging out miles and miles on the treadmill, powering through spinning classes and generally going as fast and hard as they can, as though the more intense the workout, the faster the fat will burn and the muscle will build. But it doesn’t work that way and, if anything, you could be doing your body more harm than good if you go off too fast.

If you want to build curves, you have to stop burning too many calories during cardio because you’ll actually lose muscle, not gain it, but it’s muscle which is going to give you the curves you crave. Toned muscle also helps smooth out dimples and cellulite and will improve the elasticity of your skin and prevent it from sagging.

Work out smarter, not harder. I’ve lost a lot of fat and a lot of inches from simply working out less and working out smarter. Hitting the cardio might help you drop pounds more quickly, but it’s also putting stress on your heart and your body, and that can often speed up the ageing process. And remember, dropping weight quickly isn’t going to make you curvy, is it? It’s only going to make you skinny and leave you with no energy or strength because your muscles have nothing to hang on to.

So now I’m going to share with you the tips Shawn has given me to help other women with small frames attain those beautiful, sexy curves you’ve always craved.

How To Get Curves Naturally | Naughty Guide

Tip #2 Stop Calorie-Counting

That doesn’t mean you should go out and eat pizza every night, it just means that counting calories doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss or achieving the perfect body. Not only do we tend to do too much cardio, but we eat less as a result, and this is a big no-no. It’s not the amount of calories in your food you need to look at, it’s the type of food you’re eating which is important. And if you’re used to doing lots of exercise, then your body will naturally crave more calories in order to keep up your energy levels. So if you’re going to work out, you need to eat!

When you work out too much and eat fewer calories, you are starving your body, and when your body enters this starvation mode you are surrendering control of it there’s nothing you can do to stop your body battling for calorific survival. It will start to convert and store everything you put into it, as fat. So think about it. If you starve yourself or significantly reduce your calorie intake as you work out, you won’t be losing weight at all, you’ll be gaining it, because your body will start making fat instead of burning it. Worse, you have no control, either, where that fat ends up and once it’s arrived at its final destination (bum, thighs, belly…) it can be impossible to shift.

So think about your diet and what you’re putting into your body. You need to maintain a healthy calorie intake but via healthy foods. It goes without saying that you should avoid anything processed, fast food, TV dinners, anything in a packet. Eat fresh, eat healthy, and don’t pay too much attention to the number of calories. It’s the nutrients, vitamins and water you’re ingesting which will help you get those curves, not the amount of calories on their own.

For example, if I said you needed 1800 calories a day, that doesn’t mean you should just head out and eat any foods which add up to that number. Do your homework, research the best foods to eat and make meal plans. You can actually eat a lot of food on 1800 calories if you know what’s what.

How To Get Curves Naturally | Naughty Guide

Tip #3 Be a heavyweight

No, I don’t mean you should bulk up and become some butch bodybuilder, but it is true that lifting heavier weights during your workout will actually build muscle subtly and solidly. Think back to when you do your normal workout I bet that you do lots of reps but stay low on the weights, right? So you might lift 8 lbs for squats or upper body while doing 15-20 reps. But I have news for you; it’s not going to do much for you. Of course, you might see some results at the beginning, especially if you have more fat on your body or you’re just starting out. But if you’re someone like me who doesn’t really need to lose weight but just needs to tone up, lose body fat or build muscle, then you need to step it up. Don’t be afraid of getting huge arms and thick legs, I can assure you it won’t work that way. In fact, you’re not going to get big at all, because building muscle is very hard to do.

If you want to have that hourglass figure and nice round booty, then start lifting heavier weights. Want to lose weight, too? Then combine lifting heavy with healthier, smarter cardio and a ‘good calorie’ diet. I’m up to 200 lbs on the leg press and I squat with 30 lbs weights each side. I haven’t gotten bulky at all! My legs are actually slimmer, as I’ve replaced the fat with muscle. You might be surprised to hear that fat takes up more room on your body than muscle, so replace the fat with muscle and your legs/body will be slimmer. It’s not rocket science, but it’s science all the same.

I know it’s hard to get your brain around the fact that lifting heavy will help you tone up and slim down, but bodybuilders themselves are on a whole different level which require completely exercises, regimes and diets and that’s something you just don’t have to worry about unless that’s the route you want to take. I’m still petite and little. I wear a XS in clothing, my waist is 25 inches and my hips are 34 inches. I haven’t gotten bigger, I’ve actually gotten smaller while building my booty and giving it a nice lift.

How To Get Curves Naturally | Naughty Guide

Tip #4  Waste Your Waist

What I mean by this is to either lose inches around your waist, or to create the appearance of a smaller waist. This helps to give your body the curves you want. You do this by:

1. Eating healthily and tracking your food because nutrition counts for 80% of results when it comes to losing weight. If you work out but don’t eat well, then good luck with getting the body you want. OK, that might work when you’re 20 (it did for me!) but you’ve got think long-term.

2. Focusing on healthy cardio, but not too much. You will want to work out smarter by finding your natural fat burning zone. So many of us jump on a treadmill or take a workout class but don’t stay within our fat burning zone. Instead, we exceed the fat burning zone, which means you’re less likely to reach your goals. So get a heart rate monitor and start tracking your cardio more – this way you will be burning more fat.

An easy way to calculate it is to take 180 and then minus your age. This will be the likely top end of your heart rate For example, mine would be 141, so I don’t want to go over this number when doing cardio. Then take 141 and minus it by 20 that’s your low end. For me, this means I shouldn’t go below 121. So 121-141 is my natural fat burning zone.

Do this each year and the number will go down. When you start working out according to y our fat burning zone, you might not feel like you’re getting anywhere it might even feel easy! But this is where you have to get over the idea that working out more gives you better results. It doesn’t. Remember, work out smarter! I say this a lot because I’m trying to change the way you think about working out.

– Work out for 30-60 minutes, 4 times a week. Do this and you’ll start burning more fat which will help you to lose weight around your waist.
– Start lifting heavier weights so you can start building muscle and begin working on those curves.
– Work on your back muscles, in particular, as that will give you the V shape which can help accentuate a smaller waist. Do 3 sets of different back exercises and rows.
– Don’t forget your legs! If you’re losing fat, working on your leg muscles will help fill out your booty and give you that hour glass shape you’re looking for naturally.

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