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Scotland Travels

Checking into the gorgeous Gleneagles in Scotland. This place is absolutely amazing…opened 1924 when golf and hotels were the height of fashion.

The Gleneagles Hotel was a glorious playground for people dedicated to leisure and pleasure in the most luxurious surroundings.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Today, the hotel hasn’t changed…it’s like stepping back in time to the 1920s with their art deco decor.

They have SO much to offer at this hotel. You definitely need to come for a week or more to really enjoy everything.

Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for 3 days…with it being only one full day to enjoy. So not enough time.

There are nine places to eat in the hotel including bars. They offer afternoon tea, a bistro for coffee and sweets, and many places to enjoy a high-end dinner.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

My favorite was The Birnam Brasserie…very casual place to eat at the hotel. During the day, they have an outdoor area in the restaurant.

It’s not really outdoor due to their cold winters. But it feels like you’re outside with all the fake plants and skylight.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Since I only had one full day, I had to explore and experience as much of the hotel as possible.

So after lunch at the Birnam, I headed over to The Century Bar which is absolutely stunning with it’s decor.

I enjoyed some afternoon tea before taking off to my spa treatment, gym, then getting ready for dinner.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

I had such a great time exploring this hotel…I just wish I had more time as they offer so much on their property including outdoor activities; archery, fishing, off road driving, golf, gun dogs, Falconry, cycling and much more.

I would have loved to do something else, but I choose to explore the hotel where I found this cute vintage miniature jeep.

Luckily, I found it last because when I went to go sit inside of it…I didn’t notice it was wet. So when I stood up my bottom was all wet with something yellow! Quickly went back to my room to change.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

For my daytime outfit, I wore this cute romper outfit from Revolve Lover’s + Friends.

They also have one in blue and white, which I have too. They are both so cute…great for day and night. Click on the link to shop my look.

My sunglasses are by Dior…my new favorite sunnies! My purse is from my favorite shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. And my shoes are a custom design from my favorite hotel in the world…The One & Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Later that night I got dressed up and ate at one of their of their many restaurants The Strathearn. Afterwards, I headed back to The Century Bar for cocktails.

Then decided to head to their other bar, The American Bar…my favorite bar there. It’s absolutely stunning…very Art Deco.

My gorgeous dress fits perfectly with the decor…another outfit from Revolve by Bronx and Banco. Currently sold out but you can ask to be notified by email when they restock the dress.

The dress is actually very naughty…you can’t see it unless you look really close but the top is sheer and you can see right through it but you would never know as the lace fits perfectly over the nipples.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

This place is absolutely so cute…every corner you turn there’s something else. I discovered this beautiful flower display…you can place a flower order for a special occasion or just because you want some gorgeous, fresh flowers in your room. I couldn’t help but stop to smell the flowers and take photos of them!

On my final day, I went to their coffee shop to order breakfast. They have so many wonderful delights awaiting you. The entire cafe is filled with yummy aromas…you can’t help but want to try everything but I contained myself.

After enjoying my breakfast, I packed my bags in my rental car and headed on a road trip to Edinburg to continue my month holiday in Europe.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

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