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Scottland Travels

Scotland Travels Checking into the gorgeous Gleneagles in Scotland. This place is absolutely amazing…opened 1924 when golf and hotels were the height of fashion. The Gleneagles Hotel was a glorious playground for people dedicated to leisure and pleasure in the … Continue reading

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4 Practical Ways To Wear Depends

Depend absorbency products get a bad name among younger people because they think they’re only for old people to use as diapers for incontinence or bladder weakness. But remember, everyone can suffer from bladder weakness, even us Naughty Girls. But aside from … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Wear Naughty Items

Ways To Wear Naughty Items Without Others Knowing Being naughty doesn’t have to be an overt expression of your sexuality. Sometimes it can be incredibly erotic and sensual to indulge your inner naughtiness through something more discreet and hidden, like … Continue reading

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Sex Games: Trench Coat

There are certain images that are guaranteed to get anybody’s juices flowing. Hot, blonde beach babes, bare-chested guys in the gym, guys in uniform… But often, the secret to sexual allure lies in what you can’t see, not what you … Continue reading

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Walk of Shame Never Looked So Glamorous!

No Need for an Unglamorous Walk of Shame…Be Prepared and Unshameful! We’ve all done it or will do it at some point in our lives: The Walk of Shame. While I do not like to call it that because I … Continue reading

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