History of Stilettos

History of Stilettos | Naughty Guide

History of Stilettos

Looking to be a femme fatale? Do you seek a simple way to spice up your sex life?

Invest in shoes. Not just any shoes, but one particular type of shoe.

You know the shoes I am talking about don’t you? Stilettoes of course.

The original, classic, sexy, erotic and sensual high heel.

A naughty girl’s life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

You can go from plain Jane to glamor gal instantly.

Just slip them on your feet and let your inner sex goddess awaken.

All women should have at least one pair of ultra-sexy high heeled shoes that say, “Come fuck me.”

If you don’t have a pair of these shoes, stop what you are doing and go buy a pair immediately.

You won’t be sorry.

A good pair of come fuck me shoes are irreplaceable when it comes to feeling sexy and powerful.

Indeed many a woman has used stilettoes to her advantage.

Sometimes to add to her height.

Sometimes, to enhance the appearance of her legs.

Sometimes because they just match her outfit.

However, whether they know it or not, whether they seek it or not, there is something about wearing these thin high heeled beauties that make a woman project sexiness and powerfulness.

Whether in the boardroom as an accessory to a business suit or in the bedroom all by themselves, stilettoes gives women that something extra at just the right moment.

Think of all the powerful females portrayed on screen.

What do most of them have on their feet?

Not bunny slippers that is for sure.

No, the answer is heels of some sort.

Boots, pumps, or strappy shoes, they all have one thing in common.

Stiletto heels.

Stilettos are glamorous, sexy and even a little dangerous.

Or so women who wear them would like men to believe.

Indeed, stilettos are strongly associated with the image of the femme fatale.

They are considered to be one of the most seductive items of clothing, and are often represented in popular culture.

Think of all the powerful women on film who have used stilettoes to enhance their sexuality, sensuality and power.

Anne Bancroft played a hot Mrs. Robinson to Dustin Hoffman and her crossed legs showing off her stilettoes only added to her seductiveness.

Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Jane Mansfield, Elizabeth Taylor and many other Hollywood Bombshells all wore stilettoes faithfully both on screen an off.

Perhaps the most famous modern day woman to make stilettoes a household word is Sarah Jessica Parker.

Her love of shoes and all things high heeled in Sex in the City was a big part of the show and sometimes it seemed as if her stilettoes were the 5th character in the cast.

History of Stilettos | Naughty Guide

High Heels and History

But, how did these eye catching, leg enhancing magic foot covers come to be?

What exactly are stilettos?

Where did stilettoes come from and why do we think they are so sexy? High heeled shoes in general have gone through several phases during the course of history.

First, they served as an item of high status that portrayed wealth.

Let’s face it; high heels are not very practical when it comes to plowing the field or scrubbing the floor.

Since upper class wealthy people didn’t partake in these lowly chores, they could wear high heels without ruining them and they could also afford them.

Lower class people often could not afford shoes at all not to mention shoes that were not practical for doing work.

However, as time went on high heels slowly became accepted by the lower class citizens of both sexes which led to them eventually becoming a female fashion item.

How did we go from high heels of yesteryear to the present day stilettos?

The truth is the road that led us to the one of a kind fashion revolution of Stiletto heels was not as smooth as some might think.

High heeled shoes in general have experienced many ebb and flow cycles as they have come in and gone out of fashion.

This started in mediaeval times and continues today.

Fashion changes on a regular basis and many times everything old is new again.

Interestingly enough of all the shoes throughout history the one that consistently managed to return to the top of the shoe popularity charts were the Stiletto heel.

History of Stilettos | Naughty Guide

Not Your Average Glass Slipper

A stiletto heel is heel found on women’s boots and shoes.

It is long, thin and usually high.

The height of the heel usually ranges from 1 to 10 inches but the point or end of the heel that touches the ground is usually a half inch or smaller.

A real stiletto heel has stem of allow or solid steel but with mass production being what it is, there are many made of wood or other materials and covered with a hard outer layer.

If you think about what a stiletto looks like then it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that the word stiletto means “long thin blade.” More specifically a stiletto is an Italian dagger.

Just the meaning of the word adds a certain element of sexy danger to the heels.

The first appearance of these thin high heeled women’s shoes can be traced to the late 19th and early 20th century.

This is illustrated in numerous fetish drawings of the period.

Courtesans wore them to be fashionable.

But over time stiletto heels became known more for their erotic nature than for their ability to increase height.

Some women started wearing them more as a symbol of sex and femininity.

Further evidence of their existence came in 1940s when photographers captured images of tall, thin heeled shoes deigned by famous French shoe designer Andre Perugia and worn by singer Parisian singer Mistinguett.

Fast forward to 1950s Italy where French fashion designer Rover Vivier gave is the design of the stiletto that we know today.

From his brilliance came the first stiletto shoes in the world.

It was goodbye to thick wooden heels, and hello to thin and long metal rods that allowed women to put more emphasis on their body line by raising the heel which had a very positive effect on changing the form of women’s bottoms, breasts and entire body line.

Not only was this controversial, stilettoes exploded onto the fashion scene and became an instant international hit. Women (and I am sure men) simply couldn’t get enough of them.

If you look at stilettos strictly as a fashion item, their popularity like all things fashion changed over time.

The first wave of fashion popularity in modern time was in the 1950s.

In the early 1960s they reached their most refined shape and the toes of the shoe were as slender and elongated as the stiletto heels themselves and stilettoes quickly slowly went out of style.

In 1974 the High Priest of Shoes, Manolo Blahnik launched his version of the stiletto on the world. Blahnik named his heel the Needle and they are perhaps his greatest fashion triumph.

Stilettos remained in regular use until 1990s and then, for a while business and college women mostly changed to high heeled shoes with blockier and larger heels (I don’t know what they were thinking either).

The exciting new is in the early years of 21st century stilettoes made yet another comeback as business environments changed, enabling women to wear stilettoes into their working environment and now even with casual wear.

Today women often go for the skinny jean-stiletto combination.

History of Stilettos | Naughty Guide

Why Do We Love Them?

If we are going to be completely honest here we need to admit something a lot of women won’t say out loud: Stilettos can be very uncomfortable.

They can even hurt.

Here is another plain truth: we don’t care.

Millions of women across the globe are completely willing to accept paying the price of comfort in order to wear stilettoes.

Here is why:

A good pair of stilettos gives the optical illusion of a longer, slimmer leg, a smaller foot, and overall greater height.

Not only that, they change the wearer’s posture and gait, flexing the calf muscles and making the bust and buttocks more prominent. That’s right!

One pair of shoes can do all that.

Stilettoes force women to stand on their tiptoes just because of the design of the shoe.

Women wearing stilettos must also clench their calf muscles, and thrust their chest forward in order to balance.

Women are forced by stiletto circumstance to adopt this stance and it comes with the benefit of making them look sexy, dramatic and glamorous. Who wouldn’t love a shoe that could do all this?

Women, especially naughty women, are more than willing to sacrifice comfort to gain the incredible benefits that come with stilettoes.

They wear them loud and proud as they make their mark on the world as a femme fatale.

The good news for women who want to wear stilettoes today is that thanks to modern technology and things like comfort inserts and gel pads, wearing stilettos does not have to mean putting up with pain in order to put out sexiness.

History of Stilettos | Naughty Guide

Stilettos as a Fetish

Fetishism is when a person becomes sexually aroused from a physical object, or from a specific situation.

The object or situation that causes the sexual arousal is called a fetish.

The most common and most commonly known fetish is a foot fetish and many times, shoes are included.

Foot and shoe fetishes also go way back in history.

One example is Roman Senator Lucius Vebilius.

Even when he was serving Caesar, he kept his mistresses shoe with him at all times.

Legend has it he hid it under his toga in order to be in close proximity to smell and caress the shoe.

It is probably one of the worst kept secrets in the kink world that stiletto heels are a common fetish item.

In fact, I don’t think anyone really tries to keep it a secret anymore.

But does the fetish lie with the foot or what it is encased in? Perhaps both?

Does it really matter when you are using stilettoes to get your groove on?

Remember the Sex in the City episode where Charlotte lets a shoe salesman who has a foot and shoe fetish assist her with trying on shoes in exchange for free or low cost designer shoes?

Or Chris Elliot trying to steal Mary’s shoes in the movie “There’s Something About Mary.”

All because he had a shoe fetish.

These are just two examples of how something so common has become part of pop culture.

What happens in our bedrooms is private.

Or at least it is supposed to be.

I have not had time to check Supreme Court rulings today.

Our boudoirs are meant to be our inner sanctuary used for sleep and sex.

Bringing sensuality, eroticism and playfulness into that room is an essential part of getting the most pleasure from our sexual selves.

Whether that means you are a dominatrix wearing thigh high boots with stiletto heels, classic pumps with steel heels or the stiletto high heeled slipper with feathers, any or all of these items in your closet or on your person helps create a chic boudoir that is inviting and daring.

If your partner has a foot or shoe fetish, owning these items will put you in the power seat when it comes to sex.

Many men with shoe fetishes have drank champagne out of a woman’s shoe in part to show his devotion to her.

The point is, when you open that door to your man’s desire you can have him at your sexual mercy.

History of Stilettos | Naughty Guide

Make Every Step Count

While stilettoes are one of the most common sexual fetish items on the market, using them for sexual escapades doesn’t have to be limited to people with a fetish.

Any woman can use them to enhance sexuality, sensuality and increase the erotic potential in her relationship.

They can be the sexiest accessory.

Think of them as jewelry for the feet.

They make any lingerie look sexier. Or try wearing ONLY stilettoes.

Wear them out of the house with jeans.

You should enjoy every single moment of your stiletto experience.

Walking in stilettoes is an art form.

One that needs to be mastered so be sure to practice before you go public.

You will be amazed at how fast it comes and how in control you feel.

Let different aspects of your personality come out with each pair.

Always wanted to be a tigress or dominate your partner?

Then a pair of stiletto boots is a must.

Want to bring out your inner stripper or pole dancer?

Look for clear stilettoes with a sandal like top.

Feeling flirty or romantic?

Stiletto slippers are just the ticket.

As you wear each pair, your sexual confidence grows.

You feel sexy, you look sexy and you KNOW it.

Remember what you feel on the inside shows on the outside.

Remember that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did except backwards and in high heels.

So don’t be afraid to be a naughty girl and take a high heeled step in the right direction to your inner sex goddess.

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History of Panties

History of Panties| Naughty Guide

History of Panties

Most of us don’t give wearing panties a second thought.

Unless we go commando putting on a pair of panties is just part of our daily routine.

Whether you are in Australia or Great Britain and calling them “knickers” or in France calling them “lingerie.”

Which means “made from linen” wearing panties seems to be universal.

We don’t think about where they come from, how they evolved or how wearing them makes us feel.

History of Panties | Naughty Guide

In the Beginning

However, truth be told, panties actually have a very interesting history.

If we go back to the beginning and look at the first people who walked upright we find both men and women wore some king of loincloth around their wastes.

This makes me wonder what made them decide to only cover their genitals as opposed to the rest of their bodies.

Is this the first example of guilt and shame about our bodies known to history?

If you are looking for the earliest known use of underwear that resembles modern panties you have to go back to 4,400 B.C.

Statuettes from Badari tombs depict triangle shaped small cloths that covered the front but had very little cloth around the hips.

Perhaps these were the Egyptian’s version of the thong?

For some unknown reason women went without anything under their skirts or dresses for a few centuries.

At least as far as we know.

Then in the 1400s women started to wear leggings under their skirts, most likely for warmth.

The leggings eventually morphed into loose fitting drawers or underpants.

Called “unmentionables” back in the day, these undergarments had cords to tie them around the waist.

Panties had nothing to do with sex at this point in history.

During the Renaissance Period panties were invented to help keep outer clothing clean but also to be used as a chastity device.

Saint-Laurent stated, “Panties were described at the time helping women keep clean and protecting them from the cold, they prevent the thighs being seen if they fall off a horse.

These drawers also protect them against adventurous young men, because if they slip their hands under their skirts they can’t touch their skin at all.”

Because panties came in direct contact with female genitalia there were considered the most risqu’ item of clothing.

Interestingly it was considered more immodest to wear underwear because they not only concealed the vagina; it was felt they drew attention to it.

One result of this is that during this time they were worn mostly by prostitutes.

Oh the irony!

History of Panties | Naughty Guide

The 1800s

If we skip forward to the early 1800s women wore underwear called Pantaloons.

These reached to the knee or to the ankle due to modesty standards of the day and were often neutral flesh colored.

This period in history is called the Regency Period and even with the modestly standards pantaloons were daring compared to what was coming.

Enter the Victorian Era where table legs had to be referred to as “limbs” so it was less sexually suggestive.

The underwear women wore during this period were referred to as drawers and the most popular form was the Union Suit which covered a woman from neck to ankle and to her wrist.

Usually made from wool or muslin women wore these long johns long before they became popular with men on a cold winter day.

During the Victorian Era, sexuality, in particular women’s sexuality was intentionally repressed and that is certainly evident in the uncomfortable, often hot underwear of the time.

Not only were they uncomfortable but can you imagine how difficult it must have been to get undressed to have sex?

Luckily for women Elizabeth Smith Miller came along in the 1890s and had the brilliant idea to invent bloomers.

Bloomers were loose fitting undergarments and got their name because they were made popular by Amelia Bloomer.

Women wanted less restrictive clothing and bloomers were loose fitting.

These were usually made from cotton or linen.

The word “panties” was first used in the early 19th century because the under garments women wore consisted of two separate legs joined at the waist.

Although they were open between the legs.

For those women not adhering to the strict Victorian standards of the day, panties began to go from plain to fancy.

Lace and colored material found their way to panty development which is really the first examples of what has led to the variety of panties we see today.

History of Panties | Naughty Guide

20th century

Several exciting things happened with panties in the 20th century that started the roller coaster ride to sexiness that they are today.

Panties closed between the legs replaced the open panties of the 1800s.

Rayon was made to make panties for the first time in 1910. Shortly after that they were made from nylon.

By far one of the most important eras for panties was the Roaring Twenties.

The 1920s was a time of great change in the world.

There was a great desire to become more modern and break with traditions.

This carried over into fashion including panties.

They were shorter, down to the mid-calf.

Flappers needed panties loose at the legs.

These were called Step-ins and were usually white.

As skirts shortened so did undergarments.

We can all give a big shout out to the French Can-Can dancers who, in the 1930s did away with the long style of underwear all together.

Those long pant legs just didn’t work with the sexy short dresses the dancers wore, not to mention the high kicks while holding their skirts up.

However, they still wanted to protect their modesty so they simply cut off the long legs of underwear and came up with French Knickers.

This caused quite an uproar as their thighs could be seen.

They started quite a trend and soon French Knickers made of silk popped up in stores.

French Knickers were truly one of the first sexiest pieces of lingerie to hit the planet.

They are still sexy today and just wearing them and feeling the silk against your skin makes a woman feel incredibly sensual.

History of Panties | Naughty Guide

Cruising Through the 20th Century

Still outside the world of burlesque women’s panties were something that were not supposed to be seen. Women were supposed to keep them hidden.

Two of the most controversial yet important moments in moving panties forward were at the 1949 Wimbledon Tennis Championships when tennis player Gertrude Moran wore a ruffled pair of lace trimmed knickers under a short tennis dress and caused quite a stir making headlines around the world and when in 1955 film icon Marilyn Monroe revealed her panties in what is perhaps the most famous scene in a movie: the subway grate draft blowing up her skirt in The Seven Year Itch.

The wheel of time kept on turning and the 1960s brought us hip-huggers and bikini panties just in time for the sexual revolution.

This was followed by the G-string rising to popularity in the 1980s and then the thong in the 1990s.

Today we have a plethora of panty styles. Boy shorts, briefs, hipsters, classic, and tanga are just a few of the styles offered today.

Some interesting things happened along the way in the latter half of the 20th century.

Society started to change their views on sex and the female body.

As this changed, so did women’s underwear.

Lingerie became its own fashion statement as seen in Sex in the City where Carrie wears bras and panties dark in color through sheer light colored clothing.

Today, stores like Fredericks of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret market underwear specifically for sex.

Their products stress the beauty of the female body and encourage women to wear sexy lingerie for themselves and for their partners.

History of Panties | Naughty Guide

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Where once underwear was meant to be a hidden never discussed secret, it is now shown outright as evidenced by the hip level pants with thongs sticking out in the back.

Lingerie has helped women reclaim their sexuality.

They are no longer forced to be restricted and instead can feel confident with their sexuality.

There are stores that cater to every type of lingerie you can imagine.

Whatever your style, there is a shop that provides it, including fetish wear.

If you have not checked out a lingerie store I strongly suggest making a date with yourself to do so.

If you have not worn lingerie for yourself or your partner, you have been cheating yourself and your sex life.

Panties can be a great place to start when considering lingerie.

There are so many styles and colors to choose from you will absolutely find what fits your style or even find something racy that you want to take a risk with.

No one knows what panties a woman has on underneath her clothes and it can make for a hot surprise when your lover takes off your pants and finds something unexpected in the panty department.

Word to the wise, if you wear your panties with a garter belt and stockings put the panties on over the garters.

This allows him to take off your panties but keep on your stockings and garter belt which is really sexy!

If you want to try something new to make you feel confident and sexy there is no better investment than lingerie.

The right pair of panties can put the Va Va Voom back into a relationship, make the most of your assets and actually transform a woman from simple to sexy.

That is empowering.

Trust me when I say there are few things sexier and more pleasurable than having a man slowly pull off your sexy pair of panties.

Except perhaps having him practically rip them off!

Some men like the plain white cotton “good girl” panties and some like the fetish wear panties made of out latex, rubber or some other alternative material.

But basically men just like panties.

They like to see you in them and then they like to take them off of you and get to what is underneath.

Thank Goodness we live in an age where we can express our individuality and sexuality through the panties we wear!

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Kinky Travel Spots for Swingers

Kinky Travel Spots for Swingers | Naughty Travel Guide

The kinky travel spots
where swingers go to get it on

By: New York Post

The French are famously frisky. Carnality is so embedded in the culture that affairs are almost de rigueur for politicians (start your engine, Le Pen). The country’s awash in swing clubs, parties, and resorts. There’s even a town called Cap d’Agde, where wearing clothing is frowned upon.

So France is a fitting place for swinging couple Bruno and Sandra Mazaferro to open a campsite for swingers — the country’s third such location, according to the Connexion.

At the randy retreat, Le Diamant Noir, naughty games and “muscle awareness water aerobics” get juices flowing. Nightly parties take place where underwear is deemed optional and cuddle corners attract lovers of the great outdoors as well as other people’s spouses. There are “Eyes Wide Shut” bashes and plenty of opportunities for sexual mingling.

As Bruno told the Daily Mail, the point of his operation is to make swinging vacations accessible to everyone (Cap d’Agde and its ilk can get expensive). Hence, day passes are available, overnight stays start at $32 and you can rent a camper or bring a tent.

France isn’t the only option for couples who want to get it on during their getaway. At La Mirage Swingers Complex in Spain, condoms get handed out as freely as pillow mints. Copacabana Hotel & Suites in Costa Rica has two pools — one clothing-optional, the other mandatorily nude — and theme nights with names like Wet and Wild. Guests at Desire Resort & Spa, in Mexico, have been known to make sexy time in the nudity-preferred nightclub.

What is it like to actually indulge in a swinger’s vacation? According to a blogger who writes under the name LadyDeeNSarge, it’s anything but boring: “Nightly booty showcases — aka theme nights — are truly ‘pleasure-able’ events. Lingerie, masks, feathers, body stockings, leather — whatever the theme is for the night, you can bet its [sic] gonna be HOT hot HOT. I’m ready to participate, goodbye inhibitions, hello inner freak!”

Read the article here! 

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Alison Rubke’s Interview

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview  | Naughty LA

Click here for Alison’s Instagram

What do you find naughty about LA?I think the people of LA are what make it sexy; it’s a perpetually sunny place, so everyone wants to look their best showing their golden skin and toned bodies. Of course our city is also filled with the most beautiful cars and restaurants with wonderful ambience. As for being naughty, LA has a lot of personality as well as its Hollywood history, so nearly every part of town has a bit of scandal attached to it. The city has a long reputation for being a large contributor to the adult entertainment industry, and where else can you find Hugh Hefner’s mansion and a Hustler store just a few miles apart?

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAWhere’s your favorite place to go in LA when you want to feel sexy?

It’s easiest to feel sexy at night, so I particularly like places that have glowing candlelight and that aren’t crazy crowded either. That being said, my husband and I like to enjoy an amazing meal in a beautiful restaurant for our date nights, and I definitely feel my sexiest then! We are frequently at Mastro’s Steakhouse, so that’s been our go-to sexy spot for a few years now.

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAHow did you get into the lingerie business?

Opening a lingerie boutique was actually my mom’s idea! We wanted to open a retail store together, and came to the conclusion that no one was selling the specialty, high-end brands we were seeing in European fashion magazines. I was working as a CPA as a tax analyst at the time, and simply quit my job to learn the lingerie industry. I really knew nothing about it at first, but quickly found my way to the best brands during trips to NYC and Paris!

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAWho’s your favorite lingerie designer and why?

That’s almost an impossible question! Let’s just say, my favorite to brand to wear everyday is Stella McCartney, Marlies Dekkers and Natori because they are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear with almost anything. My favorite for special occasions and her overall ability to create the most fantastic collections is Chantal Thomass. Granted, they only sell her really fun stuff in Paris, but it’s still so fun to see what’s new each season. And lastly, my favorite simply because her work is so beautifully handmade, is Carine Gilson. When you wear Carine Gilson on a daily basis, you know you’ve made it!

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAWhat is it about lingerie that makes women feel so sexy?

For me, knowing you can indulge in something so beautiful that perhaps only you will know you are wearing…that indulgence makes me feel amazing. Also, if you’re serious about wearing a stylish wardrobe, why not have every detail just right? I think lingerie generally makes women feel sexy because it accentuates what you want it to; it puts your breasts in just the right place, and a cute panty will frame your derriere just right. Some people aren’t comfortable with full nudity, so lingerie gives you the ability to show plenty of skin without feeling too vulnerable.

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAYou had a gorgeous lingerie store and have a beautiful house,
any decorating tips for making your home more sexy?

Thank you! I think warm accessories like throw blankets, candles and pillows always add a sexy touch. Also, I’m very into fresh flowers being in my home year-round. It’s little indulgences like that that make me feel good. But if you ask anyone, it’s the lighting in a home that makes a huge difference impacting the mood.

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LATell us how you transitioned from lingerie store owner to social media consultant.

Transitioning to social media consultant was just a natural transition from what I was already doing for my former business. I found that my favorite part of owning a boutique was the creative end which involved Instagram photography and connecting with other talented people on social media. Once I sold my business, I continued doing social media for the new owner as a month-to-month paid consultant, and that’s when I realized I could do this for other people as well! Many of my first clients were lingerie industry professionals who I knew through my boutique, and they were eager for me to expand word-of-mouth for their businesses just as I had for mine! I’m so grateful owning my shop led me to where I am today.

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAYour instagram page is pretty amazing with photos all over LA,
how do you discover all those places?

Thank you! I crave discovering something new all of the time, and just enjoy exploring the city. Through social media I discover so many places and events that are happening in the city, so that certainly helps. I also follow a wonderful group of creative people who are always sharing places that inspire them. But overall, I enjoy driving all over the place and familiarizing myself with all corners of LA. I eat out a lot, which helps make the discovery process a lot easier too.

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAWhat’s the sexiest place you’ve taken photos of in LA?

Definitely the naughtiest place was my visit to Pleasure Chest and the Hustler store! But honestly those places aren’t very sexy to me, just sexual. So probably the sexiest place I have gone to several times and photographed is the Hotel Bel-Air (I even got married there!). There’s also one restaurant I went to years ago and have yet to photograph that struck me as sexy, which is La Boheme on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The Naughty Girls Guide

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LAYou take photos for Naughty LA’s instagram page,
how is taking photos for my business different from others you work with?

  You are definitely the only client that prefers to share all of the sexy things that surround us in LA. Many other clients want product shots or photographs that are the farthest thing from sexy or naughty! Working with you is fun because it has really opened my eyes to all of the cheeky things that we are exposed to everyday.

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Luxury Swingers Lifestyle Puerto Vallarta 2017

Luxury Swingers Lifestyle 2017 | Naughty Travel Guide

Luxury Swingers Lifestyle
Puerto Vallarta 2017

This event is taking place Oct 14-21, 2017.

A full takeover event we are transforming the entire place as a lifestyle resort meaning the pools, Jacuzzi are clothing optional. The hours of the bars and restaurants are adapted to cater our group. In addition we are bringing live performers, International DJ’s, a production company to set up the club/disco, foam party, playrooms etc.

The takeover of Puerto Vallarta, is already synonymous with sexuality, sensuality and extreme fun. The third edition of PV, will be no different, It will be the meeting place for 200 of the sexiest couples in the Lifestyle. PV have been so popular, that Playboy Radio will be broadcasting live from PV 2017. And it is that PV in a short time has established itself as the world’s sexiest Takeover.

For more info please visit the website and reservations!

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Fall In Love With Yourself

Fall In Love With Yourself | Naughty Coaching

Fall In Love With Yourself

Gaining confidence is about changing the way you think about yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to change who you are, you just have to tap into your psyche to uncover the parts which have never had chance to show themselves. Men are not known for being in touch with their inner selves, they think they have to be cavemen when it comes to attracting women, be super-masculine and physically strong. But women respond more to honesty and vulnerability, not bravado. This means getting to know yourself intimately so you can show us how many layers you have. To do this, there are four main areas of your life you need to take care of. Once you’re comfortable with these, you’ll be in a much better place to find the perfect partner for you.

1. Self-knowledge

Everybody needs a path to follow. You are master of your own destiny but it’s surprising how few men actually know what they want from life or how to get it. If you’ve ever felt empty, drifting from job to job and relationship to relationship, then this is a definite sign that you do not know yourself. For instance, a lot of men believe that wealth is the key to attracting women. Well sure, there are plenty of women who will flock to the rich guy, but they’re not attracted to you. Also, too many people stay in jobs they hate because they don’t know what they want to do, but knowing what you don’t want to do is just as important. And when it comes to dating, do you just go through the motions, happy to be with any woman just because you don’t want to be alone? Holding out for the right woman is far more important than settling for just anybody. And you have to know what kind of relationship you want, too. If monogamy doesn’t work for you, explore other options like open relationships or swinging. It’s so easy to just do what society expects of you but if you’re not happy then something needs to change.

2. Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is debilitating and destructive. If you don’t have a high opinion of yourself, then you can’t expect anyone else to, either. Having high self esteem isn’t the same as having a big ego, it’s simply about knowing you’re worth something. Having pride in what you do, how you look and how you behave towards others are things which women notice. If you have a history of bad relationships, then your self-esteem has probably taken a battering, so you need to spend time alone to build yourself back up and start setting yourself some realistic goals. Look at your life – your job, your social circle, your hobbies etc, and ask yourself if you’re truly happy. Are any of those things dragging you down? Do you hang about with friends who make you feel bad? Is your job making you unhappy? Are there things you’d like to try that you’ve never had the courage to do, like learning a new language, traveling to exotic places or just making new friends? By looking at all areas of your life and being honest about the things which make you feel low, you can finally start making some changes.

3. Self-care

When your confidence is low, you stop taking care of yourself. You think that nobody notices you so why bother about things like looking good or eating well? But you have to remember that confidence comes from within, it’s not about what other people think of you. So you have to start from the inside out, because if you like what you see in the mirror, then others will see that too. Listen to your body and respect it. Begin a healthy diet, do exercise, take care of your skin and keep yourself well-groomed. Go for regular health checks and take time through something like meditation or yoga. A balanced mind leads to a balanced body, and that’s when you’re going to start attracting all the right attention.

4. Self-trust

In today’s society it’s easy to be influenced by others and not take responsibility for our own actions. Self-trust is about knowing you can rely on yourself and having the confidence to trust your instincts, even if your decision turns out to be the wrong one. Nobody’s perfect, so if you can accept that not everything you do will turn out great, you’ll actually be boosting your self-confidence because the point is that you are in control of your own life, nobody else. And the more you learn to trust yourself, the less likely you are to make mistakes anyway. Have faith in yourself, trust your judgment and you’ll find that decisions get easier to make.

For much more information on how to boost your self confidence and fall in love with yourself, check out my Confidence Coaching Program.

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How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating


How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  |  Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With
Confidence, Sex & Dating

The geisha are a fascinating sub-culture of ancient Japanese femininity. With origins as far back as the 17th century, there is a misconception that geisha (there is no ‘s’ for the plural) were prostitutes trained to serve Japanese nobility. In fact, geisha were highly-educated and cultured women whose main task was to intellectually stimulate and entertain men at high-class social gatherings.

However, because many Japanese cultures were sexually liberated and fidelity was not expected between husband and wife, it was assumed that providing sex was also one of the remits of geisha, especially as prostitution was legal until 1900. In reality, though, the original geisha provided only intellectual conversation and musical entertainment, never sex. More surprising is the fact that the first geisha were actually men who attended pleasure houses (called ‘yukaku’) to provide artistic and literary stimulation to male guests before they saw the courtesans for sex.

It wasn’t until the 20th century, especially in post-war Japan (when prostitution had become illegal,) that the definition of ‘geisha’ became somewhat blurred. Today, the term is used colloquially in the West to mean a high class prostitute or refined escort. In Japan, however, a true geisha remains a woman of high intellect, advanced musical and artistic talent and an intellectually stimulating entertainer of men. They train for years, usually from girlhood, and becoming a fully-fledged geisha is an accomplishment which provides great social status. But just because geisha don’t sell sex, they are still taught to use their sexuality to inform their other skills. They are taught how to entertain men, how to stimulate men and how to behave around men to satisfy them both intellectually and emotionally.

So we can take a lot from the way of the geisha to help boost our self-confidence, improve our own body image, learn how to attract men and keep their interest, and how to make them desire you and want to spend time with you.

How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

1. Getting that Geisha confidence

One of the reasons geisha are so highly revered is that they are able to use their femininity and, to an extent, their sexuality, to express themselves, even if that self-expression has the ultimate aim of simply ‘entertaining’ men. But knowing that it’s up to you to beguile, amuse and intellectually stimulate your male companion is a huge confidence booster, because you are utilizing all your non-sexual skills to give a man a good time which, to many women, is a huge challenge.

Geisha are very well-educated, they know things about the world and they can initiate and hold conversations about subjects most people are ignorant about. It is their business to learn interesting topics, to know the politics of the day and also to be trained in several musical instruments, songs and other artistic endeavors. Possessing all these talents and skills is a massive boost for one’s self-esteem, because it proves to yourself that you are much more than “just a woman” or “just a sex object.” Discovering your own interests and developing them to such a high level that you could easily hold a conversation with an expert or scholar in the same subject, is very empowering. It also shows potential lovers that there is so much more to you on the inside, than what they see on the outside.

Using geisha culture to get self-educated and to widen your own learning horizons will help stimulate your brain, make you super-interesting to both men and women and enhance your intellectual respectability and sense of self-worth. It will also make you less reliant on others and make you feel more confident about making your own decisions because you will know something more of the wider world than the narrow one most of us inhabit.


How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

2. Learning Geisha-style sexual confidence

Even though geisha aren’t – and never have been – prostitutes or escorts, that doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to use sexuality to please men. More importantly, being aware of one’s own attractiveness and knowing how to use it, means you’re more likely to find your own sexual match and be able to satisfy your own sexual desires. Sexual confidence isn’t the same as sexual experience so don’t be afraid to adopt geisha tactics to boost your own sexual self-worth – it doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly start sleeping around or be ‘teasing,’ it simply means you will now be able to own your own sexuality and use it for your own ends.

Geisha are very good at fueling men’s visual fantasies and behaving with a sexual calmness which is guaranteed to drive men crazy. As mentioned, a geisha’s intellectual and educational talents are incredibly erotic to men which, added to their immaculate, colorful appearance and placid demeanor, mean that they are often a total enigma, and this is exactly the image you want to portray if you want to keep guys interested. Keep the mystery!

You don’t have to conform totally to geisha culture to be sexually inspired by them, however, especially as sex is never on their agenda! Instead, simply use a geisha’s sexual serenity, their seductive confidence and the eroticism of their self-education to help you behave in a more leveled, intuitive and sexually deliberate way in front of your lover or date.


How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

3. Date like a Geisha – how to use non-sexual stimulation

If you’re dating, or are about to, there are several ways to use the geisha model to make your date memorable, or to make everyone take notice when you walk into a room. First impressions are everything when it comes to attracting a lover, so it’s vital to get the balance right between the overtly sexual you and the more modest, sensual and confident personality you want him to remember.

Geisha are beautiful, but they work on this a lot and can spend many hours getting ready for their clients. Everything from their ornate kimono and sleek, perfectly coiffured hair (usually a wig) to the famous white make-up and thin red lips, the geisha is literally a model of beauty. Of course, you don’t have to go to such extremes, but it does pay to spend enough time getting ready for your date, on everything from having perfect nails and fresh breath, to clothes which fit properly and which show off your best assets. When a potential date sees how much time you lavish on yourself, it gives him a hint of how much time you could be lavishing on him, too!

Geisha know how to walk and how to carry themselves. They spend years of training perfecting pace, gait and a rhythm of walking. Even though you don’t have so long to practice this, try and take more notice of ‘how’ you walk and the way it looks to other people. Confident people have a look about them, especially in the way they walk. Do you slouch your shoulders? Do you walk steadily and with purpose, or do you just rush about trying to get from A to B, not caring who’s watching you? Often, when a woman walks into a room, it’s not what she’s wearing or even what she looks like that men will notice, it’s how she’s carrying herself. Does she look confident? Does she look like a woman in control, a woman who knows what she wants? Because that is a woman that men want to get to know. Geisha know how to command presence, how to engage with men and how to maintain their attention, so these three things alone should guarantee you a successful date.

Looking to the geisha, then, can inspire not only sexual and personal confidence, it can broaden your intellectual horizons and help you discover the hidden talents and skills which lurk inside you. Unleash those, and who knows what kind of Naughty Girl you could become!

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